Wendy’s teams with Uber Eats on customized menus for Twitch gamers


  • Wendy’s and delivery service Uber Eats today are offering a special menu for gamers who watch Twitch live streams, according to a statement by the hamburger chain. Wendy’s “Never Stop Gaming Menu” consists of combinations of items picked by five of the most popular streamers on the Amazon-owned live-streaming platform.
  • Tfue, a banner with 9.7 million fans on Twitch, today will kick off the project with his meal combination. Over the next couple of days, streamers Flight (1.2 million fans), its Hafu (1.1 million), xChocoBars (666,000), and Myth (7.1 million) will each showcase their preferred Wendy’s orders throughout their gaming sessions. Each banner will be signed up with by Wendy’s mascot during their video gaming session.
  • To link with players and encourage delivery orders, Uber Consumes will put a “reward pass” in the shipment bag of each order, providing consumers a possibility to win gift cards from the delivery service, in addition to Wendy’s swag like hoodies, slippers, and video gaming console, per the statement.


Wendy’s and Uber Consumes goal to boost shipment orders with their project on Twitch, a platform that attracts young grownups and teens who are target clients for quick-service chains. Jerk’s viewership has risen this year as people invest more time inside consuming digital material and playing video games throughout the pandemic. It struck a record of 2.56 million weekly viewers this month, more than double from a year back, according to data put together by Twitchtracker. By promoting their offerings with a varied group of popular streamers on the platform, Wendy’s and Uber Eats can use the live streaming site to reach a more comprehensive audience of customers.

The “Never Ever Stop Video gaming” campaign likewise is significant for featuring tailored menu items chosen by influencers or celebrities, which has become a more typical method among restaurant chains that seek to cut through ad mess. Chipotle Mexican Grille in August teamed with professional skateboarder Tony Hawk in a campaign that marked the very first time the burrito chain named a menu product named after a celeb. McDonald’s subsequently collaborated with rapper Travis Scott on a combination meal, which ended up being so popular that it led to ingredients lacks. Undeterred, McDonald’s followed the promotion with the “J Balvin Meal” named after the popular reggaeton artist. Dunkin’ last summer also introduced a drink called “The Charli” that was named for TikTok’s biggest star, Charli D’Amelio. These collaborations with celebrities are an indication that personalized menus based on personalities’ preferred orders are likely to stay an essential part of future promotions for dining establishment chains.

Wendy’s has been active with gaming-related promos as part of a more comprehensive effort to get in touch with younger folks. The company in 2015 released its very first tabletop role-playing video game (RPG), “Banquet of Legends,” to interest attendees of the New York Comic Con, which normally features presentations for players. To promote its Baconator sandwich, the hamburger chain in 2015 lives treamed a video gaming session on Twitch showing an avatar of its Wendy’s mascot playing “Fortnite,” the popular battle royale game from Legendary Games. The campaign followed its acclaimed “Keeping Fortnite Fresh” effort that first included Wendy’s avatar, which assaulted meat freezers instead of other players to highlight that the chain doesn’t utilize frozen beef. That activation showed how brands might straight engage consumers with a form of native advertising in a computer game.

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