Short video ads impact all stages of purchase funnel, study says


  • Much shorter video spots are more reliable than formerly thought of affecting customers throughout the purchase funnel, a model that explains the consumer journey from very first seeing an advertisement to purchasing a service or product. The growing popularity of short-form premium material and enhancements to ad creatives are driving the shift, per a study by Interpublic’s Magna and IPG Media Laboratory and social media business Snap.
  • Six-second ads that typically are used to improve awareness at the top of the purchase funnel can be as efficient as 15-second ads for mid-funnel methods. A six-second ad can improve brand name preference by 9% and purchase intent by 5%, comparable to the particular 10% and 4% gains for a 15-second ad in tests that controlled for the brand name, according to the study.
  • While six-second advertisements produced the very same recall as 15-second advertisements, viewers were more most likely to say the lengthier advertisement was more “intrusive,” a negative belief that brands try to avoid. The performance of advertisement length was consistent among various viewing devices, such as mobile phones or computers, and among age, per an announcement.


Marketers have faced difficulty in trying to tell a brand name story in the six-second format that has become more common on social media platforms aiming to make sure users don’t disengage because of advertisements that are too prevalent and too intrusive. Magna, IPG Media Lab, and Snap’s research study recommend that six-second advertisements can be as efficient as 15-second advertisements in assisting brand names not just to raise awareness, but also to increase brand name preference, search intent and purchase intent.

The findings assist to confirm other research about the effectiveness of shorter ads, especially given that mobile ads activate an emotional reaction in less than half a 2nd, according to a study by brain researcher Nerve cells for the Mobile Marketing Association. On TV, six-second advertisements recorded 8% to 11% more attention per 2nd than longer advertisements, per a research study by the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) and TVision Insights.

Showing the effectiveness of six-second ads is crucial to Snap, which in 2015 presented a service that lets brands reserve and buys non-skip, six-second commercials during premium shows in the Discover section of its Snapchat photo-messaging app. The Magna and IPG Media Lab study assist to demonstrate the effectiveness of video advertisements on Snapchat, specifically compared with video aggregation services that went unnamed in the research study. According to the results, consumers were more likely to skip 15-second advertisements on a video aggregator than they were on Snapchat.

Snap is among the digital platforms that have promoted much shorter ads that it assisted to promote on Snapchat. Twitter last year began offering a video ad-bidding option to drive the adoption of short-form video ads on its platform. Before that, Google’s YouTube presented the software to assist marketers in instantly shorten their advertisements into six-second advertisements, which it calls “bumpers.” As people increase their consumption of digital video on social media and video-sharing platforms, more online marketers are most likely to adopt six-second ads to reach those audiences.

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